HI! I’m Simone!

Welcome to Sprouts and Spoons. A place I like to call my own. And a place that is uniquely mine too… Here you’ll find (very) personal stories about – but not exclusively – my weightloss journey, attempt to get fit and much more! What’s with that title you might wonder? Nothing in particular, I just thought it sounded nice..

I started this blog as a way to document my struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not easy in today’s world and so I figured I would document it all in order to keep myself attainable for the things I do and put in my mouth. You’ll find delicious recipes here, lifestyle information, health information and anything else I might fancy.

First and foremost this is a foodblog. I cannot have any other blog as my life revolves around food. Literally everyday, the whole day. I started blogging 9 years ago and have had many blogs in the meantime.

Hope you enjoy and if any questions feel free to contact me!