Hi and welcome to Sprouts and Spoons! Glad you’re taking the time to get to know me a little better although truth be told: I’m being a bit anonymous. For now I’ll be known by the name of Miss Butterbean. Which – you might have guessed by now – is not my real name. Now that kind of sounds ominous and as if I have something to hide but I don’t. Not really. I just want to have a fresh start and since the info I’ll be sharing here might be really personal I’d prefer to keep a low profile. I have to say that I am not sure that is working but I’ll go with the flow. Miss Butterbean it is then.


I’m a woman (hence the miss… 🙂 and I live in Europe. Exact location to be disclosed at some point in the near future. I am not sure how long one can be anonimous on the internet and most likely the secret will be out in no time but for now I kind of like it this way. And let’s face it, since this is my first post no one is gonna read it anyway.. Lol… So the welcome is mostly directed to myself.

So why this blog? And what’s it about? Sprouts and Spoons? What does that mean? Nothing really, I just liked the sound of it. This blog is all about me and my personal battle to lose weight. I’m not in my twenties anymore and losing weight is a hard thing to do. On top of that I had an accident about half a year ago which left me inable to move for the next four months. I can move again now but still very limited so doing sports and getting rid of excess calories is hard. Very hard at the moment. I feel I need to start moving as I have been slacking. Despite the maybe good excuse it is not really working.

My weight has climbed from already overweight to obese. I’m tall which is a good thing as it kind of hides those extra kilo’s but I’m over the magical number 100 right now. Not much but still more than I’d like. Well cut the crap I like that to be way below the 100 of course. Pfft, who am I kidding. I’m 1.80 meters and weigh a shocking 104 kilo at this very moment in life. Time to get cracking and to start of I am doing the 8 week I quit Sugar program by Sarah Wilson. I’ll be sharing the ups and downs here for sure!

More to follow soon!

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